Which precision parts require cnc processing?

Precision metal processing is now an advanced process for precision parts. The parts used in this type of machining are generally small, because the precision requirements of the parts are relatively high, and the price naturally rises, so the scope of application can be relatively small. So which precision parts need CNC machining? In the production process, different workpieces need to be processed and manufactured. In fact, to a large extent, this is because the customer's needs are constant. Some parts are used in some precision equipment, such as medical equipment, electronic equipment, and so on. Such parts are relatively high in processing complexity and are difficult for many manufacturers to mass produce.

In general, the number of parts that require CNC machining is small, but the machining shape is more complicated. Although the parts do not require very complicated tooling, they require some more diverse shapes, which is a difficult part of the entire workpiece manufacturing. In the process of machining, since a relatively stable quality level is required and the machining accuracy is relatively high, it is necessary to perform numerically controlled machining. Common parts in daily life are precision shafts and fiber tail shanks. Some parts need to be machined to the extent that the naked eye can't observe, so the processing technology requirements for operators are relatively high.

Det är inte möjligt att utföra massproduktion. Batchoperationen av sådana delar garanterar inte relativt stabil kvalitet, så det kan endast produceras i små satser. I dagens tillverkningsindustri är naturligtvis efterfrågan på dessa komponenter relativt begränsad, så bara några stora tillverkare kommer att tillhandahålla motsvarande produktionstjänster.